MassBio's Strategic Plan

It’s Who You Know

Building buzz for Impact 2020: The MassBio Strategic Report, we hosted our first ever Twitter Chat last night – thank you to all who joined us!  This chat was focused on one of the report’s findings that Massachusetts is such a tight-knit biotech community that sometimes “It’s Who You Know” that makes a difference.

Those new to the local scene are quick to note the powerful relationships they encounter among us locals. Tapping into that community can be daunting, and led one recent stakeholder to call the Massachusetts biotech community “The Club” when being interviewed for the Impact 2020 report.

On the other hand, our tight-knit community means that entrepreneurs have near-instant access to a wide variety resources, and there’s a good chance we’re all six degrees of professional separation from Bob Langer or Henri Termeer.

What does our close community mean to you, and how can we make sure our network works to build the Massachusetts cluster?

Click here to check out the conversation!

Impact 2020 Screenshot #1


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